Youth Filmmaking Classes

Creative Guild offers a series of ongoing youth-focused filmmaking classes for individuals aged 11-17 on the following subjects:

Introduction to Filmmaking

Students learn about the full filmmaking lifecycle from development through Post-Production and what happens when. A special focus is given toward helping each individual student identify ways that film and storytelling can help them express themselves in a healthy way, communicating their feelings and needs using their own voices.

Introduction to Directing

Every film has a director. This position is vital to ending up with an enjoyable film. This class will give students an excellent introduction to everything that goes into being a director, their responsibilities and challenges, and the unique set of rules that applies to this creative position.

Introduction to Screenwriting

Screenwriting is often the first step in filmmaking, and has very specific goals and rules if you want to tell a good story. Sometimes the rules are that you need to not follow the rules! This class will have a lot of homework assignments where students must develop their own screenplays and the weekly classes will review them, provide them with direction, and teach them about the little things that really matter when writing a screenplay.

Introduction to Editing and Post Production

This class talks about everything that happens AFTER a film has been shot and the actors and crew have gone home. Editing is as much of an art as it is a set of technical skills, and can drastically affect the experience a moviegoer experiences. Students will learn about the art and technical skills of editing, as well as other post-production related skills such as sound design, color grading, and mastering the finished film.

More Information

All classes are taught by instructors with hands-on industry experience and a passion for filmmaking. They complete a thourough background check and are screened by Creative Guild Studio to be effective, excellent communicators. Classes are stimulating, challenging, and help the student discover and grow a passion for self-expression through storytelling and narrative. Classes are scheduled based on demand. Once you purchase your ticket(s) for the class block we'll reach out to you to identify which of the classes you'd like to take and in what time slot. Students will be provided with all materials needed during the class. Some at-home assignments may be required.

Classes are taugh during a course BLOCK. Each block runs 4 weeks long. Students meet one day a week in class. The blocks are:

Each class is $100 per student. Buy your tickets by clicking the link below!

Block 2 - 7/9/2018 - 8/2/2018
Block 3 - 8/6/2018 - 8/30/2018
Block 4 - 9/3/2018 - 9/27/2018

Classes meet on Mondays or Wednesdays from 10am-11am, 11:00am-12:00pm, 5pm-6pm or 6pm-7pm in the evening. When you purchase a ticket that covers a single class topic from the list, and locks you in to the day of the week and time slot you select.


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